Our bespoke curriculum is tailored to the needs of our girls and their future aspirations.


Experience and expertise ensures that teaching goes beyond the bounds of the National Curriculum.  We excite and stimulate the girls’ imaginations by exploring subject knowledge through the use of an overarching creative topic. 

This enables the teachers to plan effectively for the innovative programme of enrichment activities, whilst ensuring the learning is appropriate and offers academic challenge to inspire intellectual curiosity and creativity at all ages. 

Our Thinking Skills programme is designed to focus on the key learning skills our girls require to become more effective and reflective learners.

The Junior School is divided into three key phases:  

  • Early Years Foundation Stage (Reception aged 4-5)
  • Preps (Years1 and 2, aged 5-7)
  • Hawthorns (Years 3-6, aged 7-11)