Aims and Ethos

Bromley High School’s Aims

  • To foster a love of learning which enables girls to fulfil their intellectual potential.
  • To encourage girls to grow to become committed, composed, confident and courageous young women.
  • To enrich girls' education with an outstanding range of co-curricular opportunities.
  • To prepare girls for the life beyond school and their responsibilities to a wider world.

The GDST Ethos

We believe:

  • that girls should be able to flourish in supportive surroundings;
  • that the best environment in which this can happen is single-sex. Experience shows us they shine academically and socially in a girls-only environment. Mixed classes just aren’t the same;
  • that our schools, like our girls, should develop their own characters, their own strengths and interests, their own place in the individual communities they serve – but that they should have a shared DNA, a shared and consistent commitment to strive and succeed;
  • that the academic and social climate we create should be reassuring, but exciting, so that girls have the confidence to reach beyond their own perceived limits;
  • that every girl should feel she belongs;
  • that every girl should be happy;
  • that every girl should be resilient;
  • that every girl should leave school academically and mentally equipped to succeed in whatever field is right for her.

Our vision is of generations of women, now and in the future, who have the ability to lead, to make a difference to the world.