The aims of the biology department are to foster inquisitiveness and develop thinking skills through an active and inclusive program of study across all years. Practical skills are continually developed and remain a core area of lessons on a daily basis. Pupils are encouraged to utilise all their skills across all three of the science disciplines.


In Years 7 & 8, Biology is taught alongside chemistry and physics as separate sciences in Years 7 & 8. The emphasis is to focus upon investigative and analytical skills as well as the more familiar areas of subject content. Many of the tasks in curriculum within Years 7 & 8 involve problem solving activities to enhance and develop thinking skills.. 

From Year 9 - Year 11, the department follows the Edexcel iGCSE course. Full details of the course content can be found here

All pupils are taught Biology as a single subject initially. However, there is the opportunity for a General Science Double Award entry across all three sciences if relevant. There is no controlled assessment at iGCSE. Practical skills are taught within lessons and examined within the terminal written papers. Biology Paper 1 is a 2 hour written paper and Biology Paper 2 is a 1 hour written paper. 


Pupils display exemplary scientific knowledge and interest, including in ecology.

ISI Inspection Report 2016.