Head of Department: Miss N Gibbs

Examination Board:  AQA

Dance is the hidden language of the soul of the body

Martha Graham

Dance at A Level provides candidates with the opportunity to acquire experience of performance and choreography and to engage in critical thinking about dance.

The content allows candidates to study a subject which can be extended through higher education and promotes a healthy lifestyle through an awareness of the importance of exercise and training.

Subject Content


For the Advanced Subsidiary award the focus is on:


  • solo choreography ;
  • performance within a duo/trio;
  • training, technique, health and safety of the dancer;
  • analysis of choreography and performance within professional repertoire.


For the Advanced Level award candidates have the opportunity to develop skills and extend and apply knowledge gained at Advanced Subsidiary level.  The focus is on:


  • group choreography
  • knowledge and understanding of a specific area of study related to the development of one     of the following: modern dance, ballet, jazz dance
  • performance skills related to one of the specific areas of study or to a choreographer of one of the set works
  • training, technique, health and safety of the dancer
  • the analytical study of one set work and its cultural and artistic context.


Unit 1 – DANC1 Understanding Dance

 (40% of AS, 20% of A Level : 1 hour 30 min examination (60marks))

Two sections:

  • A – structured questions (20 marks)
  • B – two essay questions (40 marks)

Unit 2 – DANC2

Choreography and Performance

(60% of AS, 30% of A Level: Practical coursework – internally assessed (90 marks))

Two sections:

  • A – solo choreography and performance (60 marks)
  • B – performance in a duo/trio (30marks)

Unit 3 – DANC3

Dance Appreciation: Content and Context

(25% of A Level          1 hour 30 minutes examination (80 marks))

Two sections:

  • A – one question on chosen area of study (40 marks)
  • B – one question on set work studied (40 marks)

Unit 4 – DANC4

Group Choreography and Solo Performance

(25% of A Level:Practical examination – externally assessed (75 marks))

Two sections:

  • A – group choreography (45 marks)
  • B – solo performance (30 marks)

There is a wide range of extra-curricular activities on offer in the dance department where students are encouraged to get involved as both choreographers and performers. 

Activities include an annual Dance Production, workshops with outside dance artists, performance evenings for examination subjects and leading dance clubs for younger pupils.