Girls in this year and above are encouraged to take part in the French, Spanish and German trips offered by the Department.

The seven-day German exchange to Brühl near Cologne usually involves a visit of one week by the German girls when one or two group outings will be organised - destinations vary but have recently included Hever, Canterbury or the London Dungeon. The English girls then return to Germany for a week.  Dates vary according to German school holidays.  Whilst in Cologne, group visits are arranged, for example a visit to the local chocolate factory, the zoo and Phantasialand. 

The French department organises a homestay visit or exchange visit for girls in Year 9 to develop their language skills and have a taste of French culture.

The Spanish department organises a five-day trip to Santander for girls who choose to study the language to GCSE level.  The visits are of great benefit to pupils, both for their language work and also as a confidence boost.