Extended Project

Head of Department:  Mr L Potter

Extended Project Qualification (AQA)

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is an independently researched and written piece of work, using University-style work methods and techniques.

Candidates enjoy a real freedom of choice, both when deciding the title of the project and the final end product. Projects can consist of either a 5000 word written dissertation or an ‘artefact’, which can be anything from a play to a portfolio of photographs, accompanied by a 1000 word description.


The AQA specification recommends that candidates spend 90 hours researching and producing their project, with a further 30 hours of training and supervision provided by the school. Initial training is provided before the summer holidays, and the project is submitted in May of the subsequent academic year. Each candidate is assigned a member of staff as a supervisor, who meets regularly with them to provide support and guidance. In addition the school provides weekly lessons which ensure that candidates have the skills and information necessary to produce successful projects.


Each individual project is assessed internally, firstly by the project supervisor and then by the school co-ordinator, much like a piece of coursework – some projects are then moderated by AQA.

Candidates are assessed on planning, research, presentation and review of their project as well as the final piece of work. The EPQ is worth the equivalent of ½ an A-level and is graded from A*-E (UCAS points 70-20.  At Bromley High school well over 80% of pupils gain A* or A grades each year.

The EPQ is very well respected by Universities and allows pupils to demonstrate motivation, a capacity for originality and an independent work ethic. It is also an exciting opportunity to pursue your own interests, whether these lie within or outside of your A-level subjects