Head of Department:  Miss Z Jupp


  • To introduce and develop the concepts of physical, human and environmental geography;
  • To develop a knowledge of places at different scales and in different continents;
  • To introduce and develop geographical skills using maps, photographs ICT, GIS and fieldwork;
  • To encourage independent research and thinking through geographical enquiry;
  • To inspire curiosity about the world around us.


Year 7 studies are largely based on the UK (and Montserrat).  The themes studied are related to settlement at a local scale, rivers and volcanoes. Ordnance Survey maps, photographs and ICT exercises are all incorporated. The use of GIS (Geographic Information Systems) is introduced and pupils engage in geographical enquiry with a shopping investigation and local fieldwork.

Year 8 studies cover a range of physical and human patterns and processes at national and global scales.  Girls learn about weather and climate, carrying out a field work investigation into microclimates, population and the tropical rainforests.

Year 9 studies have a global context covering Economic Activity (including tourism, where they carry out a field work investigation into the impact of tourism on Box Hill), China and Antarctica. The Development and Aid unit encourages discussion of sustainability.  


A variety of assignments is set whilst lesson activities may include group work and discussion, the use of topical resources, video, role play, map work and IT.


Work is marked in accordance with school marking policy. Each unit of work ends with an assessment and there is an end of year examination.  Constructive comments are given for class and homework. 

Field Trips

The Geography Department is committed to an enquiry-based approach to learning.

  • Year 7: Day visit to the River Tillingbourne to investigate downstream change.
  • Year 8: Primary data collection to investigate microclimates in Jubilee Park.
  • Year 9: Day visit to Box Hill to study the impact of tourism.

NB Field trips are reviewed and updated regularly so these are subject to change.