PE and Sport

Department Ethos and Success.

The interesting thing about a PE and Sport department is that success is likely to look very different in each and every school. It is not a department that chases grades (outside of examination classes), and winning sports fixtures is not necessarily (if at all) the aim of the department, but more likely a by-product of what makes the department successful.

So what do Bromley High believe success to be? Is it high levels of student enthusiasm? Is it all students making the most of their potential? Is it a full trophy cabinet? If you were to look at the sports section of the website for any school, winning and cup success appear to be a key factor. However, since that only involves perhaps 15 pupils in any year group, surely the aims of the sports department need to be wider than that?

So what does success look like for Bromley High? What is our vision and what are our pupils working towards?

Leading the Bromley High “Success” criteria are the following 6 values: Enjoyment, Health and Fitness, Movement, Character, Achievement, Creativity.

These 6 aims contribute our sporting ethos for the department. Everything we do in every lesson, practice and fixture is with these aims in mind and these are the success criteria with which we measure ourselves.


Achievement for All 

Rates of progress are as individual as our girls are. For some, the pursuit of 20 goals per Netball match is appropriate, others will be delighted by scoring their first ever competitive goal! Knowing the girls as we do makes it possible to deliver realistic aims for achievement.

We also have a set of fundamental aims for each girl relevant to their health, fitness and well-being. Our aims are that;

  • Every girl can swim 100m of a recognised stroke
  • Every girl can jog a mile (or skip it, or dance it, the aim is that they can cover the distance)
  • Every girl has a positive PE experience

Some will go on to represent County, Regional and National sides, others will have to work hard to progress from a C-team to a B-team and beyond, the point is that all achievement is valid and all efforts are recognised. We pride ourselves on this fact at Bromley High.

Fixtures and Teams  

Aside from our county tournaments, all of our weekly fixtures are ‘friendlies’ and at Bromley we treat them as such. In all friendly fixtures we strive to give pupils equal game-time; we do not leave our subs on the side-line without playing and believe in the strength of the squad, not just the players out on the pitch at any given time.

At the beginning of the year we hold initial practices after school and at lunchtimes to begin to sort pupils into their respective teams. The start of each new season is a clean slate and all pupils are eligible for every team space up for grabs. Adolescence is a particularly unstable time in terms of sporting progress, pupils are growing at rapid rates with their coordination and strength changing all of the time. You cannot assume that just because a pupil was an A-team player last year they are definitely an A-team player in the next season. Equally you cannot be sure that someone formally in a D-team will not have improved during the off-season. In order to be fair and give equal chances to all we reselect each of our teams at the beginning of the school year.

The important thing to note here is that every girl that tries out for a team is placed into one! We don’t leave pupils out, and whether you’re placed in the A, B, C, D or E team we are proud to have you wearing Bromley kit and representing the school in your fixtures.

Sports scholarships

The contribution of the sporting girls to the wider school community has long since been recognised at Bromley High and we are pleased to be able to offer sports scholarships at both 11+ and 16+.

During these scholarship sessions we aren’t so much looking for the finished product, but instead someone with the potential to be coached by our elite team of staff to perform at the highest levels.


Cocurricular Sport

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