Scholarships & Bursaries

A Scholarship is awarded in recognition of exceptional Academic, Artistic, Musical or Sporting ability and is awarded without regard to parental income.

Bursaries are limited in number and are means-tested on the basis of parental income up to a maximum value of 100% of fees. Bursaries are intended to enable girls of academic merit to benefit from the opportunities offered by a GDST education.


Scholarships are available at entry into Year 7 and the Sixth Form only. Further information is available on the GDST website:


All girls sitting the Entrance Examination are automatically assessed for Academic Scholarship potential.

The value of all Scholarships will be made clear in the initial offer letter. Academic, Art, Music and Sports Scholarships are awarded without regard to parental income.

If you wish your daughter to be considered for an Art, Music or Sports Scholarship please download a Scholarship Application Form as appropriate and return to the Admissions Manager, Mrs Lisa Clarke at the Senior School. For more information please contact her on: 020 8781 7066 or

For Music, candidates should be of Grade 4/5 standard or above on at least one instrument and should read the instructions carefully which accompany the application form. Each candidate who passes the Entrance Examination will be given an appointment for an audition about 2 weeks later.

You may bring your own accompanist to the audition if required or, if booked in advance, the Music Department will organise an accompanist for you (a small fee is charged per audition).

11+ Music Scholarship Application Form

For Sport, candidates will be required to complete an application form detailing their achievements and level of participation. Following receipt of this, qualifying candidates will be invited to a half-day practical session.

11+ Sports Scholarship Application Form

For Art, a portfolio will be required as well as a practical drawing test for selected candidates.

11+ Art Scholarship Application Form

Sixth Form Scholarships

The School awards Sixth Form Scholarships. Academic Scholarships are based on a written application by the student, the most recent school report and examination results, a school reference and predicted grades.

Applicants are asked to submit a personal statement of no more than 4000 characters describing academic achievements and intellectual interests alongside extra-curricular, artistic or cultural activities or social service and future plans, dreams and ambitions - whatever illustrates the distinctive contribution that they would make to the academic life of the Sixth Form. Application must be submitted to the School Office by the deadline: closing date for scholarship applications is Monday 5th November 2018.  The Director of Sixth Form and the Headmistress will select candidates for interview. Interviews will take place w/c 12th November 2018..

Specialist Scholarships are also available or Art, Music, Sport, and Drama. Application Forms and advice on the application process can be downloaded below:Art, Drama, Music, Sport. Dance may be offered as an element in an application for either Drama or Sport Scholarship. All applications should be submitted by Monday 5th November 2018. Interviews and practical assessments for selected candidates will take place w/c 12th November 2018.

16+ Music Scholarship Application Form

16+ ART Scholarship Application Form

16+ DRAMA Scholarship Application Form

16+ SPORT Scholarship Application Form


Founders’ Bursary Awards are limited in number and are means-tested on the basis of parental income up to a maximum value of 100% of fees. Bursaries are intended to enable girls of academic merit to benefit from the opportunities offered by a GDST education.  Girls who are in receipt of a Founders’ Award are expected to retain that Award through to the end of the Upper Sixth.

At all age groups, parents should ensure that they notify the School of their interest in Founder's Awards at the time of registering. Applications are made online. Please contact Mrs Lisa Clarke, Admissions Registrar for further information by email or by telephone 020 8781 7066

Assessment procedures for Founders' Awards (Bursaries)

  • 11+ Bursaries
    Girls will undergo the normal entry testing procedure.  Any receipt of a Scholarship will be added to the offer of the means-tested Founders’ Award.  
  • Sixth Form Bursaries
    All applicants should complete a Sixth Form Application Form accompanied by their most recent school report and latest set of examination results. A reference and GCSE predictions will be requested from their current school. Selected candidates will be invited for interview with the Headmistress and Head of Sixth Form.  Provisional offers will be made subject to success in GCSE exams in the summer of Year 11.  It is expected that Founders' Award applicants will attain A grades at GCSE in academic subjects, though some discretion may be exercised in the case of candidates with exceptional potential.