Bromley Year 6 were transported back to 1939

On Wednesday Year 6 were transported back to 1939 and experienced evacuation just as the children did at the beginning of WWII. Make Do and Mend and Doctor Carrot - the Children's Best Friend became reality as they created party bunting in red, white and blue and made surprisingly tasty carrot biscuits. After lunch and a WWII quiz, the girls watched as actors performed a moving story about the Kinder transport.

Mr Bugden & Mrs Naja

“Being evacuated was fun in role, but it also makes me realise how scary it would be.” - Amelia H 6H

“At one point we heard the air raid siren and had to go into an air raid shelter and it was freezing!” - Ariana 6H

"I found the billeting officers frightening at first but then my confidence grew and then I found it funny." Charlotte 6B

"I liked entering the air raid shelter because it felt very realistic and exciting." Trudy 6B