Examination Board:  OCR

Head of Biology: Mrs L Garlick

By studying Biology you will develop a good understanding of biological facts and concepts, understand why they are significant, and appreciate the responsibilities that accompany the technological advances within this subject.

This new OCR course which is based on up-to-the-minute topics such as Cells, transport systems biotechnology, climate change, biodiversity, animal and plant physiology, genetics and evolution.

Course Content

  • Module 1            Development of practical skills in biology
  • Module 2            Foundations in biology
  • Module 3            Exchange and transport
  • Module 4            Biodiversity, evolution and disease

AS Scheme of Assessment

There will be two 70 minute exams at the end of the AS course carrying an equal weighting of 50%.

Practical and investigative activities are an integral part of the course. but are no longer assessed through controlled assessments. There will also be fieldwork opportunities. 


To complete the full A2 there are two additional modules:

  • Module 5 – Communication, 
homeostasis and energy
  • Module 6 – Genetics, 
evolution and ecosystems

Full A level Scheme of Assessment

There are three examinations at the end of the course, which cover the content and skills from all 6 modules. There is also a series of in class, teacher assessed practical investigations that have to be completed.