Design Technology

Head of Department: Mr P Holton

Examination Board: AQA

Advanced Subsidiary 5551, Advanced 6551

Course Outline

As a natural progression to GCSE Product Design, the Design Technology department offer both AS and the full A2 level qualification in Product Design.  Both are based loosely on the GCSE format.  This encourages students to design, create, sculpt, problem solve and most importantly innovate. 

Communication skills, practical knowledge and presentation techniques are developed in a format that encourages students to think and design laterally.  As the course is so flexible students may write their own briefs to design and make a number of products or concentrate on one – such as furniture design.

Scheme of Assessment

AS Unit 1              Written paper   2 hours 50% of the AS    25% of the A level

Materials and Components

Where students have the opportunity to work with and study a variety of materials so that they understand the working characteristics, physical properties, cost and availability, which influence the choice of materials in design situations. This specification also considers broader issues for the designer, including the environmental sustainability of products and consumer safety.

AS Unit 2              Coursework                       50hrs                     50% of the AS    25% of the A level


In a similar format to the GCSE Product Design, students work through a variety of design problems and produce finished pieces as a practical realisation – this may include a Bauhaus or Post-modernist inspired product, a piece of jewellery or a scaled product model of an electric guitar.  The emphasis is on innovation, accuracy and quality.

A2 Unit 3              Written paper   2 hours 25% of the A level

Design  and Manufacture

Students study the work of other designers along with the manufacturing systems and materials used in the production of commercial products.  Through critical appraisal of specified products, students will understand how materials and components are utilised to become a design realisation.

A2 Unit 4              Coursework                       60hrs                     25% of the A level


Similar to Unit 2, but students develop their own briefs leading them to design and manufacture a single, substantial product. Previous projects have included storage systems, furniture and architectural modelling