Head of Department:  Miss Z Jupp

Examination Board:  OCR

What other subject tells us so much about the great issues of the age – global change, natural and human? Geography is essential in this age of globalisation and the A level course places emphasis on global issues of current and future relevance

Students will develop a knowledge and understanding of the key concepts of place, space, diversity, interdependence, people-environment interaction, the processes associated with these, and change over time. 

They will use a range of skills and techniques and will study at a range of scales from local to global.  Students will be expected to consider new ideas about the changing nature of Geography in the 21st century and to critically reflect on, and evaluate, the potential and limitations of approaches used both in and outside the classroom.

Scheme of Assessment


Unit 1  Managing Physical Environments        50%
Unit 2      Managing Change in Human Environments     50%

Topics: rivers, coasts, cold environments, energy, tourism and urban environments. 


Unit 3 Global Issues      Ecosystems, Hazards and Population  50%
Unit 4     Geographical Skills   50%

All units are externally assessed with the Geographical Skills examination being partly based on field work.

Individual research/investigative work, including fieldwork will be undertaken.  There will be a residential field trip at the end of Year 12 to the Jurassic Coast in Dorset.  The department also offers a bi-annual optional trip to Iceland.