It is our aim to teach girls to think for themselves and to develop a  true sense of scholarship. 

The cornerstone of this vision is a deep commitment to our long history of—and success in—instilling critical thinking, creativity and independence. It means we embrace the best of pedagogy and practices of our past with an openness to useful innovations for the future and further strengthening of what lies at the core of the Bromley experience: exceptional teaching and curriculum.

The academic curriculum fosters excellence in all disciplines. Staff guide students in mastering skills, acquiring knowledge, and thinking critically and aiming to develop/ produce academically confident young women who are not afraid to think and speak for themselves but who remain sensitive and compassionate to the wider community.

The school has always valued achievement through endeavour as recognised by the School Motto (Fides et Opera)


Fortunately this resonates with recent research which has identified the role of effort and commitment in ensuring academic success. Such an approach inspired by, and allied with, a genuine love of learning will, we hope, lead girls to develop a truie sense of scholarship over time with us.