In Years 7, 8 and 9 pupils enjoy a broad curriculum, enriched by interesting trips and activities, adapted to the needs of bright girls and taught by highly qualified subject specialists.

In Year 7, our key objectives are that girls should be stimulated and enthused by their lessons and that they should make firm friendships as they enjoy the fun of being challenged academically and participating in a wide range of exciting activities.

By Year 8, girls will be expected to think for themselves and ask challenging questions; to reflect thoughtfully and research widely; to articulate their own ideas with confidence and to respect those of others. In Year 9, your daughters will already be considering their GCSE options and laying the foundations for success in public examinations. 

In  Years 10 and 11, all girls study the core subjects of Mathematics, English Language and Literature, Triple Science and a Modern Foreign Language, with three options chosen from Art, Classical Civilisation, Computing, Dance, Design Technology, Drama, Economics, Geography, History, ICT, French, German, Spanish, Latin, Music, Physical Education and Religious Studies. In addition, all girls will participate in PE lessons and Personal, Social, Health Education.