Fees from September 2019/20

Senior School (Ages 11 to 16, Years 7 to 13)
£5,897 per term*

Junior School (Ages 4 to 10, Years 0 to 6)
£4,755 per term*

The fees cover the regular curriculum, text books, some stationery, choral music, games and swimming, public examination fees, but not optional extra subjects or school meals. However, if circumstances arise in which costs have to be recouped immediately, the Council of the GDST may be forced to increase fees at less than a term’s notice.

School Lunches

Since 2014, School Lunches have been compulsory for all new pupils from their entry into the Senior School to Year 11. In the Sixth Form, School Lunches remain optional. The termly charge in 2019/2020 is £225.04.

Fees for tuition or extra subjects (see information booklet)