Head of sixth form welcome

Christina Bird   Head of Sixth Form

The Sixth Form – the chance to spread your wings; to be yourself; to take more responsibility; to enjoy greater freedom; to follow your intellectual and artistic passions. 

For those girls transferring from Y11, the Sixth Form offers a seamless transition – new subjects, new teachers but an environment where you are confident and at ease as leaders and role models. Our Sixth Form has an atmosphere of challenge and innovation and our skilled and supportive teachers know how best to approach your needs, teaching you the independent learning skills that you will need to develop in preparation for university and beyond. 

For academically ambitious young women joining us for Sixth Form, you will rapidly feel at home. Bromley High School Sixth Form specialises in the education of intelligent, successful young women; it has the needs and the wishes of girls at its very heart.  You will not be a ‘bolt-on’ here.  You will be at the pinnacle of the student body; the ultimate expression of all that is achieved at this school.

Whether you want to be a cardiac surgeon, a poet or an international sportswoman, you will not be pigeonholed or judged; you will be encouraged and your successes celebrated.

Above all, at Bromley High Sixth Form you will build and strengthen your relationships with your friends and cement those relationships that will last for the rest of your lives as you embark on the exciting challenge of Sixth Form study.