Pastoral Introduction

Mrs Hilary Elkins, Deputy Head Pastoral

We believe that the pastoral care of each individual in the school community is of greatest importance and we provide an outstanding supportive and caring pastoral system. Our ethos fosters social responsibility and spiritual values: we encourage every girl to act to promote the happiness and well-being of her fellow pupils.

Every girl is in the immediate care of her Form Tutor who sees her twice daily, takes the closest interest in her welfare and academic progress and is charged with nurturing her ambitions and enthusiasms. . Girls will normally raise any questions or concerns with their Form Tutor but will find ready sympathy and support from all their teachers.  Parents are welcome to contact their daughter’s Form Tutor or Year Head who may consult with the Deputy Head Pastoral who has overall responsibility for pastoral care throughout the School.  A fully qualified school nurse offers care on site throughout the day and a professional counsellor is available on Wednesday afternoons.

Pastoral Care at Bromley High School is at the heart of our school’s ethos. We work in partnership with parents, support staff and other professionals to promote and safeguard the health, welfare and safety of the girls in our care.